Blog Creation & Management

Green T Marketing offers blog management services to generate discussions on topics related to the businesses of our clients. Our blog services can create or maintain a blog for the client or join a related blog to make posts. The blog posts include links back to the main sight to help build page rank.

Blog Creation

Our blog services include programmers and designers that can design and create blog webpages about topics that directly relate to a business. Blog creation gives our clients an outside source to generate content and link back to their main website to attract more traffic.

Blog Posting

Green T Marketing posts new blog content weekly for our clients to keep the blogs fresh. The blogs will concern different services a company may offer or any new developments or relevant news from a company. Comment Filtering: Blogging sites typically give internet browsers the freedom to comment on blog posts. Because people leave comments that can be positive, negative, or simply irrelevant, Green T Marketing blog services filters blog comments to keep them appropriate and relevant to the topic being discussed.

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